La Hongrie, pays des sources thermales et médicinales.

Posted by Thermalhungary - 2019 July 1st

On nomme souvent Budapest la capitale des bains thermaux, il est vrai que la ville possède une dizaine de spas ou parcs thermaux impressionnants…Mais saviez-vous que les stations thermales foisonnent dans toutes les régions du pays et qu’on en trouve plus de 200 dans toute la province ?

Debrecen and its insane futuristic thermal park

Posted by Thermalhungary - 2019 Sept. 5th

Debrecen: Hungary's second largest city, will soon be the site of an insanely exciting new spa park spearheading the attractiveness of the region. Located 230 km from Budapest, the new park will stretch into the northern suburbs of the city. The urban area is already the host to the main concentration of thermal baths in the city and now the entire area is undergoing a major renovation.