The benefits of thermal water on the skin

Posted by Thermalhungary - 2020 sept. 12th

Thermal water (sometimes known as thermal spring water) is water from an underground spring that contains many minerals and trace elements. Thermal water has these properties because of the long journey that rainwater takes through rocky mountains up to a thousand metres in depth before resurfacing.

Budapest: The 3 most beautiful thermal baths in 3 days

Posted by Thermalhungary - 2019 Dec. 11th

Even if this is your first visit to the Hungarian capital, surely you must have heard about its famous thermal baths. Say, however, you only have three days ahead of you. No need to panic! I have myself visited almost all of the capital’s baths, some of them several times, so allow me to help you make the best of your stay by being your guide.

Hungary, the country of thermal and medicinal springs.

Posted by Thermalhungary - 2019 Sept. 21st

Budapest is often called the capital of thermal baths. While it is true that the city has a dozen spas and impressive thermal parks, you may not be aware that spas can be found in abundance in all regions of the country and that there are more than 200 across Hungary in its entirety.

Debrecen and its insane futuristic thermal park

Posted by Thermalhungary - 2019 Sept. 5th

Debrecen: Hungary's second largest city, will soon be the site of an insanely exciting new spa park spearheading the attractiveness of the region. Located 230 km from Budapest, the new park will stretch into the northern suburbs of the city. The urban area is already the host to the main concentration of thermal baths in the city and now the entire area is undergoing a major renovation.

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