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Progression of the coronavirus in Europe on a map divided by administrative counties.

Updated on 2020 April 23 at evening.


If you find yourself on this page, it means you are among those concerned about the novel coronavirus Covid-19, which is currently occupying everyone’s thoughts, as well as all of the media and all public authorities.
Take our advice: relax! To help you do this, we invite you to look at our map of Hungary. We are sure you’ll find this much more pleasant and relaxing: is there not a better source of tranquillity than the thermal baths shown on the map?

While waiting for everything to get back to normal and hoping that it will pass as quickly as possible, why not decide on your favourite spas so you can plan your future stay in Hungary? After all, there is no such thing as a stay in Hungary without taking advantage of one or more of the country's 220 magnificent thermal baths! So pre-select the baths you don’t want to miss in order to make the most of everything Hungary has to offer once this coronavirus is just a bad memory.


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